Until Next Time

I’ve had to say goodbye a lot of times. Actually, I think I’ve had to say it much more than a person my age should have to. Even though I have had to say goodbye to people I love multiple times either because of my extensive traveling or because they’ve passed away, saying goodbye hasn’t gotten any easier. I have learned that saying goodbye is so definitive that it upsets me. So, I have stopped saying goodbye and have started saying, “I’ll see you next time.”

For all the times I’ve had to leave…

Until Next Time
by The Lady & The Lyrics

Until next time
Until next time
Every time I leave
I tell you that I’ll see you next time

I turn away from you full of conviction
But there it is that old familiar feeling
Leaning in my ear it whispers
Will there ever be a next time?

Until next time
Until next time
Fervently I pray
I get at least a hundred next times

I will, I know I will
I know I’ll see you next time

And even when we've run out of all earth time
For you and I, I know
A love so true
There are an infinite amount of next times

So until next time
Until next time
I promise you this much 
I’ll see you next time