Philly Streets

I recently attended a conference for work in Baltimore, MD. Instead of flying there, I decided to take the Amtrak train. I love traveling on the train and I take the opportunity to do it as much as I can. I think it gives the traveler a view of the States that has been forgotten; it gives you a flavor for what the different states are really like behind all of the glamour of their downtown locations. On that particular trip, I wrote this poem as the sun was setting over Philadelphia.

Philly Streets
by The Lady & The Lyrics

Those Philly streets belonged to Pink
Graffiti coated sugar dreams
How I wish they would have stayed with me
As the melodic song the bluebird sings

Cotton balls combined fill up the sky
Tangerine sunset starts to die
Mundane the life I left behind

Far from where I come from I do run
As the train I hopped on chugs along

I hear it halting with a squeal
What is the reason we are stopping here?
This is not the place I left to see

Police sirens bail bond signs
Strip club lights illuminate the night
Cannot escape the dirt I call my home
Philly tracks...they run for long



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