Let me start by saying that I love social media. I love to see all the cute pictures of my friend’s babies, their honeymoon photos, and that feature that reminds you of people’s birthdays.

However, I dread social media in the way it allows bad things and negative energy to run amok. To fight off the negativity, I write about positive things. For years, those positive things and thoughts have been written about in my personal journal. I’m tired of having it there when the potential exists to  have it uplift someone…anyone.

I’m starting this blog because I believe that we need more enthusiasm about life, more humor and someone to possibly say what the rest of the world is thinking. And what better way to do that than through my great love: lyrics. There is a lyric out there for every single feeling and every moment. I’m here to share them!

On this blog, you can expect me to write about God, love, my inability to conform to a lot of things, my journey as a mom, astrology, spirituality, corporate America, death, birth, and relationships. You can expect everything to have a pinch of humor, an uplifting message, and a lyric. Oh, and a curse or two. I’m a lady!

You can contact me at missdlr@gmail.com or on Twitter at @LadynTheLyrics.















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