SONG FUN FACT: You’re All I Need To Get By

Who doesn’t love the duet “You’re All I Need” with hip hop royalty Mary J. Blige and Method Man? If you grew up in the 90s you heard this song and if you lived in the New York metro area, you loved this song. Mary J with her beautiful and powerful voice and Method Man with his strong rapping skills delivering romantic lyrics were a perfect combination.

What many lovers of the 90’s hit song don’t know is that it was based on an even sweeter song released in 1968 by the label Tamla. The song, written by real life couple Nickolas Ashford and Valerie Simpson, was performed by none other than Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. These two voices make one smooth melody and you can feel their commitment, love and support for each other through the entire song. It is so powerful it makes you want to fall in love!

Listen here.

When Tammi died in 1970 from a malignant brain tumor, and even though their relationship was only platonic, Marvin was so distraught he stepped away from performing. Some sources even say her death led to his depression and resulting drug addiction.


Where else have you heard these magical voices perform together? On a little hit song called “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”

Lyrics from the original song:

You’re all I need to get by.
Like sweet morning dew, I took one look at you,
And it was plain to see,
You were my destiny.
With arms open wide,
I threw away my pride
I’ll sacrifice for you
Dedicate my life to you

I will go where you lead
Always there in time of need
And when I lose my will
You’ll be there to push me up the hill

There’s no, no looking back for us
We got love sure ‘nough, that’s enough
You’re all…you’re all I need to get by.

You’re all I need to get by. Tammi, listen…
Like an eagle protects his nest, for you I’ll do my best,
Stand by you like a tree and dare anybody to try and move me
Darling in you I found
Strength where I was torn down
Don’t know what’s in store but together we can open any door

Just to do what’s good for you and inspire you a little higher
I know you can make a man out of a soul that didn’t have a goal
Cause we, we got the right foundation and with love and determination
You’re all…you’re all I I want to strive for and do a little more
You’re all…all the joys under the sun wrapped up into one
You’re all…you’re all I need, you’re all I need, you’re all I need (oh!) to get by


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